Paraplá I

Paraplá II

Paraplá III

Paraplá IV

Paraplá V

Paraplá VI

Paraplá VII

Paraplá VIII

Paraplá IX

Paraplá X

On paper



In line with Carla

On the rug

Capillary Bandara




Striking resemblance


With only one ice cube

Sincere boy behind a blind

Floral scaler

Carnationing it

Deck-chair I

Deck-chair II

Explanation “A”
“Paraplá” was the colloquial way to baptise a virtual image which I once dedicated to Josep Pla. By converting this act into a series, and this series into a custom, the custom in character, and the character in generic, it has become the white brand of my dedications to this Catalonian author, but also of any painting whose final mounting is digital.
What I pursue with them is to place in the same hierarchy the dregs of the notarial tradition of photography with the capricious range that painting, both physical or digital, achieves of reality and non-reality.
Explanation “B”
By its musicality, “Paraplá” sounds to me at the same time like paracetamol y and shrew: “Take a paraplá”, “You're always thinking of paraplas”. One thinks of shrews when you daydream, and you take a paracetamol when your head hurts. One day I'll meditate more carefully about this strange marriage of placental mammals and analgesic drugs. For now I know that both free the head, one of pertinent thoughts and the other of inconvenient pains. At times they are cause and consequence.