Stave for essential whims (180x162 cms)

Stave overflying dreams without an appointment (180x162 cms)

Stave to vanish Naomi Campbell's Dalmatians (162x180 cms)

Waves like a stave in Cote des Basques (162x180 cms)

Stave for silver high tides (116x89 cms)

Stave for echoes who love being the center of attention (195x195 cms)

Stave caught off guard by the epic (130x195 cms)

Decadent stave at bath time (130x130 cms)

Camouflaged stave in the middle of a trivial scene (73x120 cms)

Pentagrama en ciernes (116 x 89 cms)

Pentagrama viniéndose arriba (146 x 114 cms)